Memories of Bletchley Park

A one-act musical inspired by the codebreakers of Bletchley Park

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Larry DeLuca

The Songs

Memories of Bletchley Park

Larry DeLuca

These are the demos for "Memories of Bletchley Park." They will be updated periodically.

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The Script

The Storyboard

A Music Video



A brief history of Bletchley Park

During World War II, a top secret program (codename Ultra) housed at Bletchley Park cracked the German Enigma (and later the Lorenz) cyphers, providing crucial intelligence for the war effort.  It is estimated that the work of the codebreakers shortened the war by two years and saved countless lives.

Because of the Secrets Act, the efforts of these quiet heroes went largely unrecognized until the late 1990's.  Keeping the secret was so important that the UK for decades did not own up to the fact that they had built the first digital computer (Colossus) years before the US.

As word leaked out about the work at BP in the late 1990's, words like Colossus and Bombe and names like Turing and Keen became household words.  But while these luminaries led the charge, Bletchley Park's work required thousands of individuals at every level - from mathematics to running the mailroom.

While Turing and the like were very famous, most people were not - but they were just as important to the war effort.

This is their story.

Cast of Characters

ALICE is an office assistant and occasional torch song singer to Alan Turing.  She is delightfully intelligent when it comes to codebreaking, but blissfully clueless in matters of the heart.

We all have our jobs to do.” - Alice
It's 10:45 PM and another minor calamity.” - Gladys

GLADYS is one of the WRENs - Women's Royal Navy personnel - and one of the more savvy members of Bletchley Park.  While she keeps her cards close, not much escapes her notice.  She is Alice's best friend.

NEVILLE is a code breaker from Hut 3 who met Gladys shortly after arriving at Bletchley.  He enjoys her wit and insight, and appreciates that in every way she is his intellectual match.

Well, um ... yes. All right then.” - Neville
I'm just the cog who oils the cogs.” - William

WILLIAM is one of the maintenance workers who keeps the Bombes running.  He is desperately infatuated with ALICE, but even more desperately shy about it.  He and GLADYS have become friends because they work so closely together.

FAITH is a motorcycle courier for Bletchley Park.  Brave and clever, she enjoys the new freedom her job opens up for her.

When the war is over, who knows where I may go?” - Faith
I've never been a proper girl. Ever.” - Emily

EMILY works in the garage and stables as a mechanic, where she maintains the motorcycles.  For once she doesn't feel out of place, and is simply allowed to be good at things she enjoys.  She and FAITH share a clandestine relationship.

CHRIS is Alice's brother.  He is a member of the RAF - the Royal Air Force - and is awaiting orders as D-Day approaches.  CHRIS and ALICE are extremely close.

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